Photo by Lubo Minar

Photo by Lubo Minar

I love the cappuccino.

I love everything about it. 

The froth. The foam. The elitist pretentiousness that separates cappuccino drinkers from everyone else.

Even the name is snooty. Two C’s and two P’s? You deserve it all, Cappuccino.

It’s fun to say. 


It sounds like Italy's response to the Macarena. 

Or like the villain in an Italian opera.

Do operas even have villains?

“Did you see Verdi’s newest?
"My favorite character was Cappuccino. He seemed so dark and bitter.”

The cappuccino shares a lot in common with my favorite cocktail, the Negroni. They’re both Italian. They’re both often made incorrectly. And they both have gin.


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